Alef Care (First Aid/Gentle Healer) for Wounds, Fungus and MRSA

As a wife and mother, *ALEF CARE (First/Gentle Healer) is probably my personal all-time favorite SHeMeN (essential oil) because of the AMAZING results I have seen with it for my family and friends, especially, for fresh open cuts, wounds, bleeding, bruises and broken bones!  I would seriously consider renaming it NO STITCHES or NO BLEED because I’ve seen 4 incidents where stitches would have been the norm indicated but ALEF CARE was used instead with AMAZING and AWESOME results!

Note:  Originally ALEF CARE was the blend Gentle Healer then First Aid blend.  It’s now a reformulated blend called ALEF CARE.  Alef is the first Hebrew letter which represents the head, first, strong, leader, mighty, one.  In this case, it would be FIRST for FIRST AID, i.e., FIRST CARE or ALEF CARE.

One of the reasons ALEF CARE (First Aid/Gentle Healer) is so restorative is that it has HELICHRYSUM italicum in it which is a precious and costly SHeMeN (essential oil) that is known for its powerful regenerative skin and nerve cell properties while having some pain relief properties as well.  This is why it is in our very popular ARTHRITIS PLUS (Freedom Plus) blend which many use for pain.  It’s also in our blends, DNA REPAIRCIRCLE of LIFE (Heart & Lymph), ResTORAHtion (Rejuvenate) and AYIN SIGHT (I-See-U/I-C-U).

By blending HELICHRYSUM italicum with other restorative oils, a synergy occurs wherein they enhance and aid each other more so together than alone like the Bride of Messiah should and does.  In a blend, it’s also more affordable than purchasing it by itself.  HOWEVER, from the results I’ve seen, I believe it is worth every dime and has saved my family and others more $$$ than the cost of the bottle when one considers the cost of a trip to the emergency room – and we still have more than half to three quarters of a bottle left of this precious oil for future use!!!

ALEF CARE (First Aid/Gentle Healer) is also used with success by many for fungus and rashes, dry chapped skin and bites.  Those with children who get shiners from falling and cuts will find that they use this blend OFTEN!  To save money on this blend, consider the Bulk 4 oz. bottle of Gentle Healer and remember that our blends are mixed with Fractionated Coconut Oil and, if kept properly out of the sun and heat, will have an indefinite shelf life.  This is an excellent choice to stock up for preparedness and a MUST in the emergency Remnant Remedy Cabinet!  Remember, the part of the oil that causes rancidness is taken out to extend the shelf life of FCO and that is why it is used in our blends.  If it is not on the website, inquire via email for availability.

Remnant Sister, Suzette in Michigan shared that she uses ALEF CARE (First Aid/Gentle Healer) along with our powerful natural antibiotic OREGANO oil and colloidal silver for MRSA (a type of staph bacteria) as follows:

  1. She cleans the affected skin area by having cotton or linen pads soaked in colloidal silver or hydrogen peroxide and applies the soaked pads overnight or for several hours.  She has to be careful with store bought bandages irritating the area because she and many others have a reaction to them which is another good reason to have 100% linen strips to use to make pads or ties for linen or cotton bandages.
  2. After a shower, she applies ALEF CARE mixed with sweet almond oil or some other carrier oil such as FCO or Olive oil to dilute it and uses the diluted mixture as an all over the body moisturizer and THEN applies enough ALEF CARE drops neat (undiluted) to cover the affected MRSA bumps.
  3. Additionally, after the daily shower, she mixes and dilutes 2 – 4 drops of the Oregano oil with about a teaspoon of carrier oil (she prefers Almond oil) and applies the diluted mixture to the bottom of her feet taking advantage of the electrical meridian channels in the body to deliver the natural antibiotic Oregano oil to the cells in her body from the bottom of her feet.
  4. To save time and to avoid mixing the oils each day, Suzette went ahead and mixed up a 15ml or a 1 oz. bottle of ALEF CARE/Gentle Healer with the carrier oil and one with Oregano oil and carrier oil.   Suggested ratio is 20 – 30 drops of ALEF CARE to 1 oz. of carrier oil and 10 – 20 drops of OREGANO oil to 15ml of carrier oil.
  5. CAUTION:  Remnant Remedy’s  OREGANO oil is very high in carvacrol which is very effective and so it is “HOTTER” than most other brands.  So LESS is best with our OREGANO and especially with ours!  This means more savings also!

Suzette shares the following:

“I did these in bottles of a larger quantity so I wouldn’t have to mix them every day, if I had to stop and do that there is a good chance I would end up skipping the treatment on extra busy days.  If I catch them when I first have any sign of a “pimple” (that’s how they first appear, like a small pimple) then they usually will not develop further. If I miss one or it gets irritated (by rubbing, pressure, etc.) then sometimes within several hours they can be a large, painful, hard, hot, swollen boil of several inches.  The worse one I ever had was where my belt irritated a bump (before we know what I had). It was so big you could see the mountainous thing through some of my clothes and I still have the scar that hurts sometimes and that was over a year ago. In fact, that scar hurts if I press on it. I’m hoping the continued use of Gentle Healer will help with that, I’ll let you know how it’s going.  Others are doing better than expected using ALEF CARE.

I have found that daily treatment is important with keeping MRSA at bay or healing outbreaks that have already started. Bumps that have started to grow are particularly difficult to get to stop and shrink. They require treatment several times a day. Even when I have arrested their development, a large bump can take weeks or longer to shrink, scaring is extreme but Gentle Healer is helping in both time of shrinkage and in reducing scar tissue.”

Another sister, Stephanie from Florida inquired about ringworm and the following is indicated from several references:

ALEF CARE would be my first choices of SHeMeN to use for ring worm, especially, based on testimonies; 1 – 2 drops of either SHeMeN mentioned above or 1 drop of each 3 x per day for 10 days.

THEN mix 30 drops of PURIFY ME! and/or ALEF CARE with 2 TBS Carrier Oil and use daily until ringworm is gone.  Other SHeMeN essential oil choices indicated are TEA TREE (Melaleuca alternifolia), SKIN CARE blend, PEPPERMINT, LAVENDER (ROMANIA as it is more therapeutic than the Hungarian), BALSAM of Peru, MYRHH, GERANIUM, ROSE GERANIUM, HOLY BASIL, OREGANO (though hot and would have to put with carrier oil) and THYME.

Here is an excerpt from the book I’m working on, Remnant Mama Remedy Chest Reference Manual:

ALEF CARE ~ Formulated to assist with tissue repair (scars) and regeneration from damage or injury.  Aids cuts, circumcision, bruises, skin rashes, scrapes, insect bites and is a general tonic, anti-spasmodic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, major anti-infectious (staph and strep), anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic and a wonderful pain reliever.  Beneficial for the respiratory, endocrine, and immune systems, and stimulates the liver cell function.  Benefits poor circulation, mental fatigue, is an energy stimulant, controlling mood swings, clears thought and memory.  Uplifting, arousing ambition and drive; inspiring to persevere, strengthening willpower; giving a sense of healing, protection and courage.  Has been used on deep flesh wounds with amazing results.  Gentle and Healing for episiotomy or perineal tears and cesarean incisions/scars.  Helichrysum italicum is a costly oil but is worth every dime from my experience.  ALEF CARE blend offers a less expensive means to obtain this oil.

Application:  Apply topically on wound, cuts, bruises, scrapes, infections and burns and painful swollen lymph nodes.  For an earache, put 1 drop on a cotton ball and place in the ear (do NOT apply directly to the inside of the ear).

Remnant Mama’s Note:  I have had many occasions to use this SHeMeN for major cuts, wounds and breaks and swollen lymph nodes.  I’m now confident that for most minor cuts which would normally require a few minor stitches and assuming that there isn’t continuous bleeding (for which I would use ALEF CARE (First Aid/Gentle Healer or Cypress), that I can use  FIRST AID (Gentle Healer) OR Helichrysum italicum instead of having to get stitches.  Helichrysum italicum is also EXCELLENT for hemophiliacs to stop bruising and bleeding almost instantly.

My first testimony, of the 4 major experiences and uses with amazing results with  ALEF CARE, was in 2006 when I had used herbs to remove skin cancer from my face.  I have a brother who died of nodular melanoma from the tortuous cancer protocol of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  As I watched each treatment and drug cause a myriad of other horrendous problems for him, I vowed I would never choose that path but rather Elohim’s ways of healing or learn to die with shalom.  The cancer spot on my cheek was much bigger and deeper than I had expected from the tiny spot I thought I was dealing with.  When the herbs had done their job of killing the basal cancer cells, I had a hole in my cheekbone the size of a quarter and at least 1/4 inch deep.  But the cancer cells were gone and had fallen out.  I thought I would have to wear a bandage forever to hide the hole; however, I used FIRST AID (Gentle Healer) along with our Somalian or Oman FRANKINCENSE* which have higher therapeutic constituents than the one from India.  Within 2 months the quarter sized deep hole was reduced and healed to a nominal scar which was much better considering what was there!

*NOTE:  You may be interested in reading the article covering the NASO Torah Portion in regards to the suspected adulterous woman and its relationship to Frankincense — NO FRANKINCENSE — NO PURITY!

Below is a picture of the cancerous tissue that was removed naturally and gently with herbs and WITHOUT a scalpel from my cheek.  Note the size of it compared to the thumb tip!  It was coned shaped and deep.  Unfortunately, I lost the pictures and the hole and scar in my face BEFORE using the SHeMeN.  However, you can get a good idea from this picture and, for those who have seen me, you know I don’t have a big hole in my cheek!

can x gauze squamous cell cancer

The second time was in 2008 when a huge heavy equipment tire exploded while my husband was changing it.  It busted the bone and broke open his right ring finger.  It jaggedly split from just below the fingernail down the middle to just above the first knuckle.  It was gaping open across the width of the middle knuckle looking torn and ground like hamburger meat.  I thoroughly cleaned the wound with hydrogen peroxide and then began applying ALEF CARE.  I then took one of my basic homemade salves (olive oil, vitamin E and beeswax) and mixed ALEF Care and CYPRESS SHeMeN (oils) along with some Oregon Grape and Goldenseal powder and applied it to the wound as a barrier between it and the bandage.  The Helichrysum italicum helped with the pain while the Tea TreeClove Bud, and Rosemary helped fight infection and the Cypress helped slow the oozing and blood seepage.  Goldenseal is an astringent and will help draw a wound to close.  This is why it’s very important to make sure the wound is clean so that it doesn’t begin to close and heal while trapping bacteria! The salve helped create the moisture so as to not have the wound stick to the bandage and be reopened each day when we redressed the wound.  When applying oils, one doesn’t have to actually touch the wound and cause pain or trauma to the site and will penetrate down into the skin cells and help begin the healing process from the inside out.  Even if we had decided to get stitches, I have no idea what they would have stitched the sides to as there was nothing but hamburger looking skin left.  After doing this daily for 6 weeks, the wound had healed enough from the inside that we could then put butterfly stitches on the finger and continued the same routine for about another 2 weeks.  Within another few weeks, the finger was healed with a faint nicely cohesive scar.  Additionally, though he had busted the knuckle he didn’t lose total mobility of the finger.  I believe had he gotten a splint and stitches or a packed wound, it would be very scarred and he would have lost the mobility of the finger.

The third event was in the Fall of 2009.  Three families had a cooperative turkey butchering party.  A young man cut his thumb with the ax when a 40 pound turkey moved.  The cut went into and started at the inside edge of the thumbnail and wrapped halfway around the finger.  Notably, it needed stitches.  Because this family had witnessed the healing of my husband’s finger, it was agreed that we would do the same for this young man.  Within 3 days it was almost healed and by the end of the week, he no longer needed a bandage except to protect it as a precaution since he worked in concrete.  I did add Somalian Frankincense and Myrrh the first day.  The young man was amazed at the healing and the how the pain decreased with the use of ALEF CARE.  The cost of the oils more than paid for themselves in exchange for the medical bills that would have been incurred and there was still much more oil left in the bottles for future use!

The fourth event was at Sukkot 2012 when someone tripped my 10-year-old son while he was running full speed on the outside pavement basketball court.  Both elbows and both knees were very bruised and the skin was completely rubbed off with wet open wounds.  He looked like an animal sprawled open ready to be skinned but was already skinned with both arms and legs open wide while he laid on his back and grimaced I immediately applied  ALEF CARE as I knew it had pain relieving properties and would help stop the bleeding and give anti-bacterial anti-infection properties right away.  When he settled down and he could walk through very awkwardly holding his arms up and his legs outwardly, we got him up to a bath to allow lukewarm water to be poured gently over to get rid of the pavement tar and small rocks out of the wounds.

THEN, again we applied FIRST AID (Gentle Healer) and wrapped gauze and linen strips around his wounds.  I mixed the FIRST AID (Gentle Healer) with my homemade REMNANT MAMA Salve and applied to the wounds before wrapping them.  This is because I knew they would ooze and the bandages would stick.  By adding salve mixed with SHeMeN this helps alleviate some of the sticking and then we can just pull them off or apply warm water until the fall off before re-cleaning the wound with the colloidal silver each succeeding day and then again with salve and FIRST AID (Gentle Healer). Again, the natural salve made from olive oil, coconut oil, and beeswax helps keep the wound moist and yet with the FIRST AID (Gentle Healer), it is kept with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.  I then gave him 4 DEFENSE capsules each day for a week to help build his immune system and stem cells.

Summer 2014 – we received a testimony that ALEF CARE helped relieve and stop DEMODEX.

Within a week, he didn’t need the bandages but we continued to apply ALEF CARE daily and within 2 weeks there were hardly any scars or places to notice that he had been literally skinned and some of the area were over 2 inches in diameter.

On the side of caution, when wounded, we also take, Oregano, DEFENSE, Hyssop and/or Echinacea tincture or fresh garlic to internally help the body fight any possible infection from setting in.

Gentle Healer is a wonderful oil to apply to a newborn’s umbilical cord, circumcision, tear or episiotomy stitches and/or scar (including cesarean).  It is a must-have in the midwifery and homebirth kit.

FIRST AID (Gentle Healer) is great for “eggs” that children get when they fall and get a swollen knot or bruise on their head.

Swollen lymph nodes: I used FIRST AID (Gentle Healer)  on my oldest son when he was 12 years old for a swollen lymph node in his neck that was very painful as it was the size of a golf ball. We added a high-quality DMSO to help drive in the FIRST AID (Gentle Healer)  and also had him drink mullein tea. Within 24 hours the lymph node was the size of a bean and was totally reduce within 48 hours. I prefer to use DMSO mixed with honey from This particular DMSO is awesome when used with FIRST AID (Gentle Healer)  and/or our ARTHRITIS/FREEDOM PLUS for an abscessed tooth, bone or muscle pain and soreness or arthritis.  As of the fall of 2013, we also have a new blend that is great for pain and inflammation — SOOTHING RELIEF as it contains both Helichrysum italicum and Balsam of Copaiba which have pain relief properties as well as Wintergreen essential oils — just to name a few.

If you have skin cancer or surgical scars, ALEF CARE (First Aid/Gentle Healer)  by itself or along with FRANKINCENSE from SOMALIA or, better yet, SACRED FRANKINCENSE from OMAN are known to help tremendously in the restorative process.  As for the Helichrysum italicum that is in this blend, I’ve seen overnight miraculous healings on small children from stove top burns.  The next morning the blisters and burn were totally gone!  Remember to pray when using and applying oils as the Scriptures command.  Frankincense with Helichrysum italicum is a POWERFUL combination for wounds and burns.

Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the assembly; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Master. James 5:14

Companion Oils:  Eucalyptus, Fortify, Myrtle, Peppermint, Spice Defense, Spice Thieves, and Thyme

Contains:  Rosemary, Tea Tree, Clove Bud and Helichrysum italicum

*Neat:  Pure plant oil with NO carrier base added.

Caution:  Helichrysum italicum helps to regenerate skin and nerve cells very quickly and stops bleeding very quickly which is why it is highly prized by those with hemophilia.  HOWEVER, if you are on medications that already thicken your blood to help stop bleeding issues, DO NOT USE Helichrysum italicum or blends that contain such.