Gnats on Ephraim’s Ox Head

Part 1 of 2 Dreams – Rosh Chodesh – April 8, 2024 – Solar Eclipse Day

The Plague of Gnats on Ephraim’s Head Sets Him Apart.

April 8, 2024 – Solar Eclipse – Rosh Chodesh – New Moon in Sign/Oth of Aries – The LAMB

Next, I was riding a huge black ox.  It had thick black fur with no horns.  I was trying to back him into the same pasture gate that I had tried to do with the truck. Somehow, I thought it would be easier to back up riding the ox than driving the truck. However, as I looked down upon the back of his head, I saw gnats on him and I kept trying to wipe them off his neck, head and face so they wouldn’t keep aggravating him.  His fur was so thick, black and beautiful except for the gnats.

I knew the black ox was diasporic Ephraim – a symbolism of the Tribe of Joseph, Manasseh and Ephraim.  The gnats were an indicator of timing as to where we were historically and prophetically.  I was to look up the timing of the gnats (lice) as it occurred prior to the Exodus; to parallel timing with the future Greater Exodus.

16 And YHWH said unto Moses, Say unto Aaron, “Stretch out your ROD/MaTTaH (branch, tribe, ruling scepter, land, staff, support of life), and smite the dust of the land, that it may become lice/GNATS/KeN throughout all the land of Egypt.” 17 And they did so; for Aaron stretched out his hand with his rod/MaTTaH, and smote the dust of the earth, and it became lice/GNATS/KeN in man, and in beast; all the dust of the land became lice/GNATS/KeN throughout all the land of Egypt. 18 And the magicians did so with their enchantments (covert incantations) to bring forth lice/GNATS, but they COULD NOT: so there were lice/GNATS upon man, and upon beast. 19 Then the magicians said unto Pharaoh, “This is the FINGER (some thing to SEIZE with) of Elohim:” and Pharaoh’s heart was hardened, and he would NOT listen to them; as YHWH had said.

Castration: Loss of Strength and Ability to Multiply

Oxen are not a breed of bovine.  Rather an ox is a castrated bull aka male bovine.  Unlike a steer which is a bull that is castrated at a young age, often to produce an end product of tender morsels for human consumption; a bull may be allowed to mature longer before castration.  This allows testosterone to do as it was designed by the Creator to help the bull grow bigger and stronger.  Only, instead of allowing the bull to reproduce, it is castrated, in its strength, to become only a beast of burden to plow fields and reap a harvest for its master.  With little to no testosterone, the ox is weaker than a full grown functioning bull which is more docile and easier to control to be only for utility for the master. 

To add to Ephraim’s Ox plight of weakness, he has lost his ability to defend himself with his own horns and his ability to see what has really happened, viz., to know his true current condition. 

Ephraim and the ox are denoted as having tenacity, able to do hard work and overcome challenges, being brave and protective, while being resilient.  However, they are also stiff-necked aka stubborn.

De-Horned: Loss of Balance, Vision and Ability to Defend

Most bovine, depending on breed, both male and female, are born with the ability to grow horns.  However, many do not have such because either they have been disbudded as calves or the growth of the horns has been bred out of them.  

Bovines have a wide range of vision and can all but see behind themselves.  However, being dehorned keeps them from having the superior balance that a horned bovine would.  Having the horns removed, the growth and size of the head and space between the eyes is reduced.  Thus, they are not able to have as wide of a range of vision as their horned counterpart.  They focus more in a forward direction and have blind spots toward the rear.

Having no horns takes away their ability to defend themselves or others from predators. 

A horned animal with two symmetrically placed horns on its head indicates it is a ruminant with four stomachs and lives primarily on grass, hay or leaves.  Ruminates are herd animals with cloven hooves.  Thus, it is a biblically clean animal for human consumption. 

This is akin to the dispersion of Ephraim, especially into North America.  The Bull of Ephraim has been allowed to grow in its strength but is now castrated to be an ox – beast of burden and slavery.  He has less vision, is weakened, off balanced and unable to defend itself or others.  He is not able to reproduce as a powerful people of YHWH – at least not in the flesh.  However, by the Might and Power of the Ruach Wind Breath Aroma Spirit of Yeshua YHWH – Ephraim will OVERCOME and be DELIVERED!

More so, the Two Olive Trees – Judah and Ephraim (making up the whole 13 tribes of Israel) WILL be regathered, reunited and rebuilt into the Living Stones Tabernacle of Elohim Alef-Tav YHWH.  It will NOT be done by flesh or man but by the DIVINE RUACH POWER FORCE OF ALL CREATION THAT WAS, THAT IS and THAT WHICH WILL BE!

The Time of the Gnats, Midge Bites
Having been in diaspora, Ephraim – the Bull has been dehorned and castrated.  This has caused him to lose his dignity, confidence, strength and to lose his panoramic vision; thus, greater understanding of who he is, his purpose and his destination.  Having been castrated prevents him from multiplying and prospering physically and spiritually with strength.  This makes it easier for him to be used primarily by the king destroyers of the earth to be a beast of burden, viz., slaves to further their needs, greed and control.

Ephraim’s ability or thought of protecting or defending himself has been cauterized.  The horn of Ephraim’s strength is gone.  Brainwashing via public education and media propaganda, along with physical removal of his health and strength, has caused him to be unable to fight for or defend himself.

The prophetic word for Ephraim:

Just as it was for Israel prior to the First Exodus, YHWH is in control and is orchestrating the 2nd Greater Exodus for His people.  Spiritually and physically, biting gnats are being released to propagate for a short period of time which will plague Ephriam, along with the world.  However, for those who remain faithful to YHWH, as the plagues continue to increase, there will soon be a differentiation made.  What is meant to plague the world to cause them to come to repentance, will also refine and purify YHWH’s Remnant.  Those who don’t respond with teshuvah or yield to the refining fires will be consumed.  Will you be consumed or refined?  It is a choice.  Will we love our lives not, even unto death spiritually and physically?  Rev. 12:11

Prior to the Exodus, the 3rd plague of the gnats was just after the plague of blood and frogs.  This plague was the first that Pharaoh’s magicians could not replicate.  The gnats were just prior to the 4th plague of flies wherein Israelites was differentiated and set apart in Goshen from the plagues.

Joseph’s Tribal Blessing/Symbol: Powerful Bull or Neutered Ox?

Often Christians, Messianics, Hebrew Rooters, etc. refer to the tribes of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh as an Ox. However, if we understood the differences between a bull vs. an ox, along with the Scriptural references, I believe we would understand that the original intentional blessing for Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh) was as a strong, balanced, visionary, multiplying powerful force of a bull – NOT an ox.

The Alef is the first letter, sign (oth) and pictograph of a bull’s head.  It denotes strength, power, and is associated with Al/Elohim – the strong and mighty one, the divine in relation to YHWH.  The Alef is the first powerful source or vibration of Creation in Genesis 1:1. From the Alef to the Tav, all creation was formed, aka Yeshua (Jesus, Alef-Tav, God-head, Alpha-Omega).  1 John 1:1 – 3.

We see the horns or strength at the Head of the Moonth (Month/Chodesh) as the crescent light.  Alef is also the number one – the first – the head.

We have lost the true meanings of words and their definitions.  We’ve lost the ability to have block logic and see words as form, function and design.  We have lost the understanding that words, communication of thought and speech are electromagnetic energy from the LIFE FORCE – Elohim Alef Tav – Yeshua – YHWH.

This causes much confusion, arguments and misunderstandings.  With the advent of the world wide spider web trappings, words, ideas and supposed facts are reiterated, copied and pasted repeatedly – even though they are false.

I look forward to the prophecy of Zephaniah 3:9 to be fulfilled!

For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of YHWH, to serve him with one consent. 

A little more expanded look at this verse could be denoted as:

For then will I return to the people a pure (BaRaR – brighten, clarifying) language (speech), that they may allcall (QaRA: accost, proclaim)upon the name (SHeM: pressed white flow of energy, power – power, character and authority)of YHWH,to serve (ABaD: work, till the ground, bond serve with choice of worship) Him with one (ECHaD: more than one coming together as one, in unity) consent (SHeQeM: neck, the place of burden). 

Thus, we can see that precise a language (of thought and speech) and understanding will be returned to the people of YHWH who will proclaim His power, character and authority.  We will choose to be His bond servants to work, to plow the fields, to reap a harvest for HIM.  We will choose to do this as ONE people for the cause of the KING and His Kingdom: NOT our own storehouses.  We will accept the burden as a gift and delight to SERVE HIM as a BULL OF STRENGTH who is tamed at heart to take on His yoke.  Though we will have strength, power and vision, and the ability to reproduce, we will ONLY do so according to YHWH’s will and purposes BECAUSE of His LOVE for us and our LOVE for Him!  We will enjoy His forever provisions of green pastures.  We will no longer be oxen slaves (beasts of burden) who have been neutered, weakened, dehorned and blinded to work for the destroyer kings of the earth and their evil ruler.

We will have repented for our sins and iniquities that caused us to be sent out of the LAND of His Covenant – YHWH’s House in the first place.  Our time of diasporic discipline where it has been good for our souls nefesh to have been afflicted and wherein we might repent to return to learn His covenantal instructions, statutes, and Torah of instructions for abundant living WILL BE OVER!

Zep 3:12  I will also leave in the midst of you an afflicted (depressed, humble, needy) and poor (dangling, thin and weak) people, and they shall trust in the name (SheM; Power, Character and Authority) of YHWH (Who Was, Who Is, and Who Ever Will Be). 

Zep 3:13  The remnant (residual, surviving, escaped) of Israel shall not do iniquity, nor speak lies; neither shall a deceitful tongue be found in their mouth: for they shall feed and lie down, and none shall make them afraid. 

Also see Psalms 27 and 37,and Luke 21:34 – 36.

To be continued . . .

The NEXT New Moon for May 8, 2024 will be Taurus Bull (Tribe of Joseph/Ephraim/Manasseh)

The Plague of the Gnats on Ephraim’s Ox Head Indicates YHWH Will Be Setting Him FREE Soon!  Be Prepared!!!
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