Basic Safety Rules for Using SHeMeN Essential Oils

Remember that just by SMELLING SHeMeN (essential oils), you are absorbing it into your bloodstream on a SLOW TIME RELEASE basis!

INHALING is the safest method to use oils.  The aroma of the SHeMeN will travel through your nostrils via your olfactory system to the brain and then throughout the bloodstream.  The frequencies of the oils resonate and tend to travel to wherever they are needed in the body.  DIFFUSE oils of choice using a pendant diffuser, cold air or ultrasonic diffuser to administer the oils into your living stone tabernacle.  You can also apply a drop of SHeMeN to a piece of linen and carry it with you to inhale throughout the day.

–  Hand or Bowl Diffusing  – Use 1 – 2 drops of the essential oil of choice with a 2 – 6 drops of a carrier oil MIXING them together either in the palm of your left hand and then rubbing it in a clockwise direction with your right palm and then cup your nose, avoiding your eyes and inhale taking in 10 deep breaths.  You can also MIX the oils in a glass saucer and then inhale your 10 deep breaths.

– Even with just smelling an oil, there can be a reaction for a small population of users.  Remnant Remedy encourages you to use oils that you resonate with – that is, use oils that you are more apt to use because you like and are attracted to their aroma.  This can vary and change with your health, diet, emotions, medications, etc.  Elohim has given us a wonderful gift of the olfactory system (which I will teach on more in the future) and connects us to the past in the Garden of Eden and to the future with the Return of the Mashiach/Messiah!

Applying SHeMeN TOPICALLY is a FASTER way for it to be absorbed into the body.  For safety reasons, *always apply essential oils by mixing with a carrier oil.  A carrier oil slows down the absorption rate helping to stop burning and skin reactions and by giving the cells in the body a chance to adjust and react to the new instructions being given (keeping them from overloading and reaction).

Thus, if you accidentally get an essential oil in your eye or it is burning you somewhere on your skin – DO NOT try to DILUTE it with WATER!  It will make it WORSE!  DILUTE it with a CARRIER OIL to SLOW DOWN the ABSORPTION RATE!

– Once you’ve researched the information about an oil and have personal testing experience with it and know that you are not sensitive to it, you may use it NEAT (without a carrier oil).

– Remember, we are each individual precious living stones – no two are alike and even our own living stones varies and changes with conditions and time.

– Remember, SHeMeN (essential oils) are powerful and are 10 – 100s times MORE POTENT than herbs.  Don’t take them for granted or underestimate them!


There are a small number of people (0.1%) who may develop skin sensitivity to an essential oil and have a skin redness reaction even when using the appropriate dilution of a carrier oil.  This rare occurrence is due to the essential oil constituents combined with skin proteins resulting in an allergic reaction known as “hapten.”

Of course, there are more people who develop a sensitivity when they do NOT using a carrier oil!  Other contributors to undesirable reactions to SHeMeN are how toxic a person may be at the time of using the oils and the influence of any possible prescribed medications and some supplements and diets.


ALWAYS be SAFE, do a TEST PATCH FIRST before using any SHeMeN on the skin:

– MIX 1 Drop of an essential oil DILUTED with at least 1 – 2 drops of carrier oil such as olive, jojoba or fractionated coconut oil (not the same as regular coconut oil).

– Do a patch test by applying the diluted SHeMeN to your inner elbow.  This will help you know if may have a reaction.

– Reactions to essential oils may due to the following:

– Your body, personally, does not resonate with the frequencies of a particular essential oil.  This may be due to many factors such as diet, prescription drugs, toxicity or certain health conditions.  If sensitive, it may be only temporary due to many factors.

– Often, when a person has many toxins, they may find that after they do a 30 day detox they do not have reactions to certain essential oils.  Remember, one of the jobs of certain quality essential oil is to detoxify the body.  So your reaction may be a result of the SHeMeN actually doing what it is designed to do.

– Unfortunately there are certain distilled essential oils which have been processed using solvents, and/or come from pesticide treated or GMO crops – all which you may cause you to have a reaction.

– Also, note how you feel after smelling an essential oil.  Especially, if it causes a headache.  It could be that it isn’t the right oil for you or that you may have toxins are in the way of the oil working effectively for you at the time.  For women, it may be due to hormone imbalance or balancing too quickly.

Trained aroma therapists understand the power and strength of essential oils and are usually genuinely concerned about safety and, of course, hold to a higher standard of responsibility and accountability of advising proper use of essential oils.  This may not be the case for MLM distributors who are not trained more in-depth and through their zealousness for the results they have seen using SHeMeN overlook the prudent use of such.

Aroma therapists are trained to understand that the molecular structure of SHeMeN and their properties are such that their application along with a carrier oil may actually be enhanced.  Thus, it is rare that an essential oil should be applied topically WITHOUT using a carrier oil.  One exception would be for a BURN wherein normally LAVENDER and HELICHYRSUM italicum would be applied NEAT (undiluted) which can and I have witnessed AMAZING RESULTS making burns and blisters disappear within minutes to hours as if the burn NEVER occurred!

As you may know from my teachings on SHeMeN, I came to discover essential oils via an MLM company in the 1990’s.  I was taught that ONLY that particular company had pure essential oils and in such a way that if you were using “therapeutic” oils then you could ingest them safely.  This same type of thought and teaching still pervades today with common MLM pyramid building companies.

Just because a company lists an essential oil as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) for ingestion, does NOT mean it is safe for you to use as such.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve come to learn much more about behind the scenes of the essential oil business and am every day learning more.  There is much to say on this topic and the way their marketing programs have been successful in training our minds to think a certain way about the use of oils.  Unfortunately, it is not all true and there is a disservice and deception that I hope to shine light on in the future.  I will continue to study and seek to serve YHWH by seeking to be a healer and enable and empower others to heal themselves and their families.  I’m having to unlearn many dominate thoughts and teachings that are amongst essential oil users – even BELIEVERS.

Because I believe that SHeMeN is part of the LOST TREASURES of ISRAEL, one of my main goals have been to stir and inspire the BRIDE to restore the use of Elohim’s powerful tools of healing.  I’ve come to learn that it is just not about WHAT to use such as herbs and essential oils but it is also about HOW to use them properly from a TORAH and Ancient Israel perspective.  This also includes how to properly anoint and pray for others which I will cover in the coming year.

Many of my radio and conference teachings have included information on how to take certain essential oils internally.  I did so because that was how I was trained and I have much experience using many oils internally.  I wanted to share what worked so that you might be able to enjoy the same benefits.  That was my purpose.  However, after learning so much more and with so much more to learn I am making a RETRACTION on my statements on the use of essential oils internally.

I do not want to be responsible for anyone causing harm to themselves due to the internal use of essential oils.  In the future, I would only recommend such once I have evaluated and tested you with a consultation and when all other methods have failed.  Will I continue to use essential oils internally?  Yes — but I take full responsibility for what happens to me and I have 17 years’ experience with those oils and how they will or have affected me and my family.  We do not have the complications of prescribed medications and unhealthy or non-kosher diets.  We do not have any known sensitivities.  However, I will focus more on using those oils I use internally for external purposes to gain the same results.

Upon completion of my Safety Training, Frequency Training, and Anointing Training, I will put out a new radio series, articles and book on SHeMeN – Essential Oils and their uses.  My endeavor has always been to present SHeMeN from a Biblical perspective.  The training I’m receiving for certification in aroma therapy with an emphasis on Torah and an Ancient Israel perspective will correct and give further depth to the Word – DaBaR of Elohim.  I hope you will enjoy the journey with me so that we can build up the Bride and prepare her for His Return!

Therefore, let’s be wise, pray and seek knowledge and revelation as to how to use SHeMeN.  This is important so that there aren’t any accidents, major health issues or deaths due to the use of essential oils.  We know that Pharaoh’s system wants to keep people enslaved to pharmaceia and are responsible to maiming and killing people daily – even causing them to be dependent on their man-made poisons.  They are looking for any excuse or opportunity to seize in order to take our G-d given rights away to use Elohim’s creation of plants for food and healing within such modalities as herbs and essential oils.  Consider the news wherein the hammer that was applied to essential oil companies this past year.  Pray, be discerning and use discretion!

Please continue to pray for me and Remnant Remedy as we are learning and meeting importers and distillers to find the highest quality of SHeMeN to make available for the Bride to use to be well and able to overcome!

It’s a very exciting journey and I’m very blessed.

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