Forget Not My Children!

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Forget Not My Children!
Nitza Moshe

Therefore, you shall stumble in the daytime, and the prophet that is with you shall also stumble with you in the night, and I will silence (destroy-KJV) your mother.

My people were silenced (destroyed-KJV) for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you from being a priest to me; seeing that you have forgotten the Torah of your God, I, too, will forget your children.
Hosea 4:5 – 6[1]

The words, “I, too, will forget your children” pierced my heart. That was in 1989 when I was attending a Biblical lesson on parenting and homeschooling. The teacher put a T-Chart on the blackboard in order to show the comparison between those who raise their children for the Lord and those who don’t. This passage from the Bible challenged what I’d been taught in the Christian church which was, “God loved all children regardless of what their parents did and all of them went to heaven.” The one thing I knew, in my heart, was that I wasn’t taking any chances. I had to make sure my life was pleasing to Elohim so that He would remember my children. He could forget me for my sins, but I would do anything for Him as long as He wouldn’t forget my children.

Growing up, I had minimal religious education. My father was an Air Force Master Sgt. and military bases offered only three types of services: Catholic, Jewish and Protestant. My family only attended Easter and Christmas Eve Protestant services. If I spent the night with a girlfriend and her family went to service the next day, then I attended their service of choice. One of my grandmothers was Baptist while the other was Methodist;  I learned, when visiting either, that their denomination was under the umbrella of being Protestant. There were two summer vacation Bible schools I attended at age four and age seven. The latter was the one where I deeply connected with God. From then on, I prayed every night and was aware that God was with me, no matter how far I’d fallen into sin.

As an adult, while in my deepest sins, I would recite Psalm 23 to myself. I was always searching for God to be real in my life and to speak to me. At age 30, after much turmoil amidst a successful professional career but personal brokenness, I had an encounter with God which empowered me to overcome my sins. From then on, I studied the Bible and heard His voice and followed (John 10:2-4).

Shortly afterward, God brought me out of feminism and a career to be a stay-at-home mom and homeschool mother, rather miraculously, to say the least. He knew my heart’s desires and released me from the trap of the world’s ways which I’d been taught to believe and accept.

During the 1980s and 1990s, the foundational Scripture for those who were being stirred by the Ruach (Holy Spirit) to homeschool their children was Deuteronomy 6:4-7.

Hear, O Israel: The Lord is our God; the Lord is one. And you shall love the Lord your God, with all your heart and with all your soul, and with all your means. And these words, which I command you this day, shall be upon your heart. And you shall teach them to your sons and speak of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk on the way, and when you lie down and when you rise up.

In those days, there was a small remnant of Believers from mainstream American Christian churches who wanted to read the Bible for themselves and live Godly, set-apart lives. This was different from just attending church to receive a message from the pastor and then go on with life as usual. Actually studying the Bible caused us to see things differently from what we were taught on Sunday. It caused us to reform our own lives and that of our families, which led to women leaving the work world to return home to their husbands and to gather their children back from daycare and public schools, in order to live as a family who served the Lord.

The words of Deuteronomy Chapter 6 seemed to be instructing us to take responsibility for the educational and spiritual upbringing of our children with God and His Word as the focus. How else would we be able to accomplish this without bringing our children home, in order that we could train them as they should go?

As a whole, my generation had been given a basic moral upbringing as children. However, as young adults, we had also stumbled through the sexual revolution and the feminist and free choice movements, which were a result of removing the Bible and the Ten Commandments from our schools. This left many of us emotionally and spiritually broken and scarred. For those of us who had survived the moral decay of our society, we found hope and redemption in the “Jesus Movement.”

Thus, we became Christians. At first, we didn’t ask too many questions, especially regarding the Bible and denominational doctrines. After all, we were a generation who’d been taught to respect and submit to those in authority, including church leaders. It seemed whatever denomination reached out to us to offer a lifeline of hope, well, that’s where we landed doctrinally.

Nevertheless, the Spirit of Elohim was at work and we did begin to ask questions. We didn’t intend to question things initially. Rather, the questions were a natural byproduct, as we sought to find everyday practical Biblical applications to raise up our children as Godly seed.

The first application I started in our family’s homeschool program was to define each school subject from God’s point of view, as revealed in His Word from Genesis to Revelations. What did God’s Word say about reading, writing, arithmetic and science?  What was the first mention in Scripture?  What was God’s purpose for the subject?  For reading and writing, I ascertained that Elohim first marked or wrote on Cain’s forehead and that throughout Scripture, writing was for the purpose of recording and remembering. We’re to remember what God has done and what He says He’ll do.

Knowing the Biblical principle and what God’s purpose was for each subject was what I taught my children before we learned the skills. Needless to say, my first week of homeschooling involved me researching and doing word studies, which resulted in me reading more Scripture in one week than I had read in my lifetime!

The second application was that I was inspired to read the Bible to my children on a daily basis as part of their school. I wanted to read through the whole Bible so I chose the Chronological Bible. Years later, I realized I had, basically, been reading through the Torah. While reading through the Bible chronologically, I paid attention to the begats and found them fascinating!  I traced the blessed seed line and the cursed seed line. I was seeing that the seed line was important and God hadn’t forgotten it. And, it did matter, even though Christianity taught differently.

Because I had spent time reading chronologically through the Bible, I found that I loved the Old Testament, which I now know is the TaNaCH. I wanted to learn and apply all of the Bible and not just the New Testament (Brit Hadashah). I knew that 2 Timothy 3:16 said, All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.

So, when I read in the TaNaCH (Leviticus 11) that we should not eat pork, I thought it was profitable, but not required. This was because Christian doctrine taught us that the Law (Torah) was done away with. However, reading from Genesis to Revelations revealed a different story on this concept and many others.

The Ruach haKodesh[2] began speaking to me and giving me revelations. Many times after a revelation, I’d see what He’d shown me in the Bible. I was AMAZED!  I stored these things up in my heart. I couldn’t speak them to anyone. I memorized Psalm 37 while going through a seven-year fiery trial in my life. Every day, I’d literally hang onto the promise that it shall come to pass that, if I did good and didn’t fret over evil doers, then I would inherit the Land and my righteousness would shine forth like the noon day sun. In the midst of the fiery trial, there was an event that caused me to inquire of my Heavenly Father as to why.  He responded to me and said, “You’re a Joseph.”

Somehow, I knew, in my heart that I was Jewish.[3] I began climbing up my family tree only to discover that I did have a great, great, great, great, grandmother who was from a wealthy European Jewish family. However, she was cut off from the family for marrying a non-Jewish German farmer with whom she sailed to America. Additionally, there were clues to my ancestors being Jewish such as my great grandmother who, after becoming a widow, married her husband’s younger brother though levirate marriage. He became my great grandfather. There is also the story of the big wooden Jewish star that was found above the well on the 800-acre farm.

Having become a mother of five living children, after decades of barrenness and/or miscarriages, is a miracle story. Being able to leave a professional career in telecommunications and business administration to become a stay-at-home wife and homeschooling mother is another miracle story. I was thrilled that I could use my career skills to promote and grow the homeschool movement, which would have eternal consequences. This was especially so in the early days when most people didn’t even know homeschooling existed; those who embraced it suffered ridicule from their family, friends and society.

I’d always been a natural leader, but an outcast at the same time. It wasn’t until I surrendered my life to Elohim and began living for Him and His Kingdom did the doors open for me to lead. I knew I was called to teach and reach out to those who belonged to Him. I’d come from teaching a row of dolls when I was seven years old to my niche and calling. I had many talents, being a jack of many trades but a master of none. But now I could use all the skills, and each was needed to begin my journey of returning down the Ancient Paths and encouraging others to join.

I confess that having had so many talents, the spirit of pride would often come to whisper in my ear and Abba would have to remind me to be humble. However, sometimes, Elohim would let me be drawn by my pride to search something out, only to use it to hook and secure me to where He wanted me. One such time was when I read the book of Zechariah and came upon the passage wherein all the nations would go up to Jerusalem for Sukkot and, if they didn’t, they would be cursed (Zechariah 14:16-19). At that time, I had the mistaken Christian concept that this Sukkot would be in the future in Heaven, not on earth. So, pride arose within me, and I thought to myself, “If this is a future event when we get to Heaven, then I don’t want to be embarrassed and not know what Sukkot is or how to celebrate it!”

Thus, began my pursuit of the Biblical Feasts, the Moedim (YHWH’s appontments). Fortunately, the Ruach haKodesh was moving on the hearts of many homeschool moms and they began writing curricula on the Jewish Holidays.

By 1999, only ten years after my wakeup call and response to Hosea’s startling words that God would forget my children if I forgot His Word, we’d lost our home and were living temporarily in a barn apartment. As a continuation of the seven-year tribulation and trials which Elohim was using to prepare me for my calling today, I found myself lamenting over not being able to celebrate Sukkot. There was no one to celebrate with anyway, but I felt like I was sinning, even though I didn’t have the resources or ability to host Sukkot like we had done in the years prior. Then I heard the Ruach speak to me, “You are temporarily dwelling; it’s okay.”

In that month of Elul, 1999, several things happened that launched me even more towards observing Torah. The first was an open vision of who the two witnesses were and when Moshiach would return. The second was Elohim telling me I was to have a son after a second decade of barrenness. The third was when I happened upon a book which I immediately grabbed off a friend’s coffee table as the title and the cover photo struck me to my very core: the book was Who Is Israel? written by Batya Wootten.

First, the vision was a result of a prayer and question I had as it related to the potential Y2K-hyped disaster. Abba had already spoken to me just before Sukkot 1998 that, in three years, there would be a major disaster. Y2K didn’t meet the criteria, since three years later would arrive in Elul 2001. I didn’t know about Shemittah[4] then, but I had taken note of the seven year patterns since 1993 and paid attention to them as Abba had instructed me to. I’d been praying and studying when it was revealed to me that the two cherubim on the Ark of the Covenant represented Judah and Ephraim. At the time, I didn’t know what that meant as I didn’t understand about the division of Israel into the Northern and Southern Kingdoms.

Then, I prayed and inquired, “When will You come?  Do I need to be worried about Y2K?”

I didn’t expect an answer, at least not immediately!  But there it was, right before my eyes!  I saw the two witnesses as the Jews and who I thought were Christians, walking side-by-side, proclaiming to the nations and warning them to repent for Moshiach was coming. They were dressed in white and on the Temple Mount. Then they died. Then I saw Moshiach coming on a white horse, down from the clouds in the sky with an army. The witnesses were raised from the dead when I heard the words, “When you see this, then I will return!”

As I watched, my eyes opened wide and my jaw dropped, as the words continued, “The same Spirit that rose YeHuShuWaH from the dead is the same Spirit which will raise the witnesses from the dead. The student is no better than the Master and the Bride is no better than her Bridegroom. Both must be willing to lay their lives down and prove their love for the Kingdom in order to be worthy to rule and reign with Elohim!”

I was shocked but relieved that I didn’t need to fear Y2K. After further study, I believe the witnesses are the two olive trees, Judah and Israel – the Lost Tribes (Zechariah 4, Rev. 11).

Second, within a matter of days of the vision, Elohim spoke to me and said, “You have a son in your womb. It is spoken!”

I was to name my baby boy, Zechariah – God Remembers! God had remembered my prayers, though I’d forgotten. At age 41, I’d given up after two live baby girl births, two miscarriages, an adopted son and another ten years of barrenness; but Elohim hadn’t forgotten!  In fact, I learned later that it was His way of telling me He hadn’t forgotten His people Israel – the Lost Ten Tribes.

Only eight months after Zechariah’s birth, I had another overflowing blessing and was expecting Jedidiah – Beloved of God. At age 43, it was my best and healthiest pregnancy. It was during the birthing processes of Zechariah and Jedidiah that Elohim began speaking to me through the books of Lamentations, Ezekiel, Isaiah and Psalms that my children were to be a Remnant of Israel.

As I came to discover and understand about the Lost Tribes and my physical and spiritual heritage, I gave up researching and writing about Providential American Christian history and teaching my children such. I traced Christian history back to Constantine. But then I continued back to the Believers during the time of YeHuSHuWaH and how they observed Torah and then back to the history of Israel. No longer would my focus be to teach my children to be patriotic American Christians. Rather, I would teach them that they were spiritually and physically from Israel and that is their destination!

Third, reading Who Is Israel? confirmed many things Abba had been showing me. The information in the book catapulted me into understanding that it was not just profitable for me to obey the Torah; it was my duty and obligation if I wanted to be in covenant with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! However, it wasn’t until two years later when my husband read the book and agreed we needed to leave mainstream Christianity and cross over into walking in Torah. Thus, we began our journey and have not looked back since.

Allow me to regress and share the last major event that culminated into the desire to cross over the spiritual Jordan.

Shortly after reading Batya’s book, I read Out of Egypt by Charles Crismier. Being an attorney, the author presented the book as a legal case wherein he discussed the Exodus and the promises of God. He took a penetrating look at the promises God made to Israel, one of which was that there wouldn’t be any sickness in the camp. This caused me to search even deeper, because there was sickness in my camp.

My daughter Amy was stricken with very severe scoliosis. Between the ages of 11 and 13, she had an S-Curve that had progressed from 30 degrees to 86 degrees. Though my pregnancy with Jedidiah was perfect, at eight months’ gestation, there was water spilled on the tile. I didn’t see it, which caused me to slip, flying up into the air and then landing on and splitting open my elbow. Labor contractions began. Thus, Jedidiah was born 5 weeks prematurely. Additionally, my father and mother came to live with us as Papa was dying.

I was only sleeping two hours a night, having to care for five children, one being a premature infant, another a toddler, one needing daily physical therapy. I was also trying to help my mother with hospice care for my father. My resources and efforts just weren’t enough. My faithful husband was busying working trying to pay for it all. So, I found myself crying out to the Abba, “What commandment are we not doing?! What part of the covenant are we not holding up to?”

I thought to myself, “I’ll start with the Ten Commandments. Which one(s) were we not keeping?”

So, I looked over at the living room wall where the Ten Commandments hung. My eyes became fixed upon the fourth commandment, Keep the Sabbath day to sanctify it, as the Lord your God commanded you (Deuteronomy 5:12)[5]

Again, at the time, although I knew it was profitable to keep the commandments of Torah, I didn’t think I was required to, because I’d learned that we were free from such bondage. If only back then I’d known the freedom of Torah!  However, I did believe I had to obey the voice of Elohim. Thus, we began observing Sabbath along with the other moedim. Within a few months, my husband was on board and finished crossing over. It was 2002 and I felt like I’d been born, all over again.

Thus, we’ve endeavored to raise our children to fear the Lord and not forsake the instructions of Torah as instructed in Proverbs 1:6–8. We’ve exhorted them to love Torah, the Land and its people, particularly Judah.

I believe my grandmothers were silenced about their Jewish heritage and didn’t pass on the knowledge as a fulfillment of the prophecy in Hosea 4:5-6. I also believe that, today, Elohim is writing the Torah on our hearts as He promised in Jeremiah 31:32-33. He is doing this in order to put us back together and rebuild us as living stones in order that we might be prepared as a bride for Him to dwell with. As Believers, we consider ourselves to be Israelites, albeit outcasts, and we’re praying and waiting to return to the Land and reunite with Judah.

We’ve put finances into planting olive trees in Israel. We’ve begun visiting Israel and are looking forward to getting to know the Land and connect with the people more. I’ve studied to become a certified aromatherapist with studies focused on Ancient Torah Based Aromatherapy. Currently, I’m continuing my studies for clinical aromatherapy under an American Israeli Jew, with an emphasis on plants and oils grown and/or distilled in the Land. I source essential oils and other products from Israel to retail and share the essences and aromas of the Land with other Believers.

I write, teach and host a weekly radio program on many varied topics, from Torah-based health to happenings in Israel and the reunification of the Lost Ten Tribes with Judah. Through radio and events where I speak, I’ve met and work with Jews who are open to dialog and working for unity and restoration. As a family, we endeavor to love, support and strengthen Israel and its people. I hope to lead tours to Israel in the future, focused on health and learning about the plants, herbs, essential oils and healing in the mineral waters of the Dead Sea. I hope to continue learning Hebrew and deeper truths from the Torah and one day to actually be able to live and work in Israel.

I believe the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is sending His Ruach haKodesh to His people Judah, the Lost Tribes of Israel and to the Ruth’s who desire Him. He is writing Torah on their hearts and preparing those who will give their lives for Him and His Kingdom for the redemption of all things. There will be a Greater Exodus from the four corners of the earth out of every nation. It’s what He promised and I’m so very honored and privileged to be a part of it. I’m so glad He hasn’t forgotten me or my children!  Baruch HaSHEM!

Nitza Moshe is a wife and mother of five living children and grandmother of four. She’s a Certified Aromatherapist with an emphasis on Ancient Torah SHeMeN and Biblical Healing. She’s founder and owner of and producer of Remnant Radio. As a writer, speaker and teacher, she focuses on stirring the Bride to prepare herself to be living stones rightly fitted to be the dwelling place of the Living Elohim!

[1] The Complete TaNaCH with Rashi’s commentary. Rashi notes that “silence” is just as a man who sits bewildered and cannot respond. silence: Heb. וְדָמִתִי similar to: “my people were silenced (Heb. נִדְמוּ עַמִי of v. 6)” just as a man who sits bewildered and cannot respond. silence: Heb. וְדָמִתִי similar to: “my people were silenced (Heb. נִדְמוּ עַמִי of v. 6)” just as a man who sits bewildered and cannot respond.

[2] Hebrew for holy spirit

[3] Jewish law requires that a person be born of a Jewish mother or convert to Judaism in order to be considered Jewish.

[4] The Sabbatical year

[5] The Complete Tanach with Rashi’s commentary.