Pregnancy: Essential Oil Safety Use

The state of pregnancy is considered healthy and sacred. It is a set apart (holy) state for the mother and child within the womb. By Elohim’s design, an expectant mother’s body naturally kicks into full gear working constantly to pull from all the body’s resources to do whatever is required to sustain the life created within. 

In fact, a pregnant woman’s blood volume increases from 25% – 50% in order to meet the demands of her growing reproductive organs and the developing fetus. This act, alone, appears to be the body’s obedient response to Elohim’s words, “the life/vitality of the flesh/basar is in the blood/dawm.” (Lev. 17:11)

Normally, for a healthy pregnancy, there may be no need for medicinal usage of essential oils. However, aromatherapy can be complementary to health care during pregnancy for mood elevation, anxiety, pain relief, nausea and/or vomiting, calming and relaxation during labor or to strengthen contractions.

From 1990 – 1998, essential oil usage for childbirth was studied at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, United Kingdom (Essential Oil Safety, Tisserand and Young, 2014, p. 161).   The SHeMEN (essential oils) that were tested included:

Chamomile (Moroccan), Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Jasmine Absolute, Lavender, Lemon, Mandarin, Peppermint Rose and Absolute.

During labor, some essential oils are found to be greatly beneficial. When my oldest daughter was in labor with my first grandchild, her blood pressure became an issue. The attending midwife asked me to try some essential oils to help lower her blood pressure. 

Thus, I blended Geranium, Lemongrassand Lavender with Fractionated Coconut Oil as a carrier oil.  I then applied the mixed EO blend over the heart area of her chest and reflexology points of her *left foot and *left hand. Within 20 minutes, my daughter’s blood pressure was back down to normal and there was a normal healthy birth for both mom and baby.

Note:  I was still nursing my 7th child when my oldest daughter was giving birth to my first grandson!  The same midwife also attended my last two births at home just two and three years prior.   May baby was an uncle!  I was 41 and 43 years of age when my last two were born (and they were my healthiest pregnancies).  Abba is sooo good!  I had been barren from the ages of 18 to 27.  I gave birth to our 1st child, lost 2nd, had 3rd, lost 4th, was barren again for 10 years and then gave birth to our 6th and 7th!  We adopted our child 5th during the 10 years of barrenness and cared for babies born to incarcerated mothers and girls from broken homes.

Personally, while laboring with my fourth child, I used a cotton cloth containing a couple of drops of Lavender essential oil for its calming and focusing effect.  I held the cloth in my hand and gently covered my nose deeply inhaling during contractions through a very difficult labor.  Today, I would use linen cloth instead and perhaps Cedarwood or Sandalwood SHeMEN since I, personally, don’t like Lavender.  Decades ago, when I was new to the knowledge of essential oils, I was using the Lavender just for its stated properties — not its aroma. 

As a trained Artisan Bible Based Aromatherapist© (A.B.B.A.©), I understand much more and how beneficial it is to go even deeper into the Biblical Art of Aromatherapy by customizing SHeMeN (essential oil) selections for an individual via Aroma Response Testing© (A.R.T.©) which is based on Rainbow Covenant Therapy© (R.C.T.©). 
I’ve had the privilege of being invited by expectants mothers and/or midwives to administer the benefits of essential oils during and after birth.  Most of my time is spent in prayer, being of assistance as needed, and diffusing or administering SHeMeN when appropriate and needed.  I endeavor to create a prayerful and worshipful atmosphere for such a sacred set apart time and to cleanse the air from possible bacteria or viruses.

There are safety guidelines and precautions for expectant mothers in regards to using essential oils. There are authoritative differences (of opinions) as to which essential oils may be contraindicated during pregnancy based on research and experience.  However, there are essential oils that have emmenagogue and/or abortifacient properties and should be avoided, especially, during the first trimester. There are also essential oils that shouldn’t be used during pregnancy at all such as Pennyroyal.

The first three months of pregnancy is when the developing baby is most sensitive to chemicals, even natural ones. However, remember that a developing baby, within the womb (as well as outside), is spiritually, emotionally and physically sensitive and may be vulnerable to certain chemicals at certain times of development.

I imagine the development of a baby to be much like a master sculptor who sets about to begin designing and creating the foundational infrastructure of his soon to be masterpiece. Any distractions, additions or subtractions of clay or tooling will alter the intended original design. Therefore, it’s important to take care that one doesn’t interfere with The Master’s initial architectural design of the precious baby whom He is wonderfully and fearfully creating (Psalm 139:14).

Primarily, the most important cautions to take for the use of essential oils (or herbs for that matter) is to identify which ones are emmenagogues and which ones are abortifacients. Additionally, if one has diabetes or epilepsy, it’s of utmost importance to identify which essential oils should be avoided for such conditions whether pregnant or not.

Emmenagogues stimulate blood flow to the area of the pelvis and uterus. Thus an emmenagogue promotes and helps regulate menstruation which is something one does NOT want during pregnancy.

Herbs and essential oils which have abortifacient properties are very powerful. So much so that, they may be strong enough to overcome the Creator’s design of a baby to strive to survive and result in early termination of a pregnancy (i.e., miscarry, abortion, etc.).  Abortifacients work in such a way as to not resonant in agreement with and assist pregnancy. However, it’s noted that there is no substantial and definitive evidence that essential oils may cause abortifacients risks IF they are USED EXTERNALLY and in their proper dose (Tisserand and Balacs, 1995. P. 112).

Grievously, I found one reference to a woman’s death due to the use of the essential oil Pennyroyal when she INGESTED ONE TABLESPOON! Obviously, the essential oil was used improperly by ingesting it and by the amount used. The woman’s purpose was to abort her baby. However, upon post-mortem examination, it was found there was actually no pregnancy (Essential Oil Safety, Tisserand and Young, 2014, p. 160).  

How tragic that the woman felt the need to try to dispose of her potential baby and did not have the support needed to overcome any perceived obstacles. This tragedy reminds me much of the verse:

He who turns away his ear from hearing (shema/obeying) the Torah, even his prayer shall be an abomination. Whosoever causes the righteous to go astray in an evil way, he shall fall himself into his own pit: but the upright shall have good things in possession. (Proverbs 28:9 – 10)

Another thing to keep in mind and is of utmost importance when choosing and using essential oils is that there is much more to the selection process than just knowing the common name of the oil. The actual botanical Latin name and parts used to obtain the essential oil and perhaps even the country of origin can play a huge role its chemical composition; therefore, determining its proper usage.

For instance, the ethanolic extract of Juniper Berry is clearly known to have abortifacient factors. Therefore, Juniper Berry has been historically known as an abortifacient.  However, there may be confusion between Juniper (Juniperus communis) and Savin (Juniperus sabina).  This means that TRUE Juniper Berry which is Juniperus communis essential oil presents NO abortifacient risks (Essential Oil Safety, Tisserand and Young, 2014, p. 160).

On another note, it is my humble opinion that we should rarely, if ever, use an essential oil or herbal chemical constituent in part. Rather, we should use them in the whole as Elohim created them — not remove certain chemical constituents out of them. There is a reason YHWH put certain chemical constituents together in certain ratios as they work synergistically, resonating in unity with each other and with creation. When they are taken apart and separated out from the whole, I believe we are playing god, thinking we are wiser and are re-creating something that which ill not resonate in harmony with His DaBaR (Living Word) which created all things perfectly. 

Separating or extracting constituents from the whole of a natural botanical (as YHWH created such), or even replicating it synthetically, is what the mainstream of pharmaceutical and medical scientific manipulations do for the purpose of control and greed, even when it’s in the pursuit of doing something better for mankind.  We simply can’t outsmart the Creator without known or unknows consequences.  By separating a constituent from the whole, natural healing and the art thereof is then replaced by scientism.  This often controls, hinders and propagandizes natural healing and practices to be inferior.

According to Aromatherapy for Health Professionals (Shirley and Len Price), “there is no conclusive evidence that essential oils can cause a miscarriage.”  

The book further relates, “where oils have been reported to cause spontaneous abortion, it has been as a result of ingesting quantities more than 20 times the amount that would normally be used . . .”

Knowledgeable aroma therapists and essential oil users understand that “less is best” when using essential oils and only 1 – 8 drops are normally indicated for use. The reason for this is that essential oils are POWERFUL and much more powerful than herbs by 10 – 1000 times.

It’s also known that essential oils are safest when used via inhalation and/or topical skin application with a carrier oil.  Inhalation and topical application, when indicated, allows for safe and slower absorption into the blood stream.

Whether pregnant or not, ingestion of essential oils should not be done unless it’s specifically indicated with a very small amount (1 – 2 drops), having done the proper research, and knowing the essential oil’s chemical constituents and possible contraindications.

As any trained aromatherapist knows, THIS IS THE TRUTH — REGARDLESS of what an MLM essential oil company tells you!  See article: Are Our Essential Oils Therapeutic & Good for Internal Use?

Regardless of being pregnant or not, it’s very important to also KNOW how one’s own health condition and sensitivities may react to the ingestion of an essential oil (perhaps even topical or inhalation use). DON’T forget to consider any drug usage or prescribed medication contra-indications there may be?!

REMEMBER – when you inhale or apply topically any essential oil — you ARE ABSORBING into your body! 

Don’t believe this?  Consider poisonous gas, you don’t have to eat it in order to get sick or die from it once you get a whiff.

This KNOWING principle is true also for inhalation and/or topical application.

Trained aromatherapists and health professionals do NOT freely promote ingestion of essential oils as they have a basic understanding of their chemical constituents.  Essential oils are truly powerful medicine** and should be treated as such.

[Content Missing: The missing section of this article will be available to Remnant Remedy Academy students enrolled in A.B.B.A.© courses (Artisan Bible Based Aromatics©).

I endeavor to seek truth in whatever I do. Therefore, my goal is to share the truth as I learn it — EVEN if that means I have to unlearn and RETRACT things I believed to be true and have taught in the past.

As a former MLM essential oil distributor (2001 – 2007), I ask you to pray and consider that perhaps learning about and using essential oils is a process and a tool that Elohim wants to restore to His people.  I’ve found that by training and certifying to be an aromatherapist (especially from an Artisan Bible Based Aromatics perspective), I’ve had to unlearn many things, concepts, ideas and uses in regards to essential oils. 

[Content Missing: The missing section of this article will be available to Remnant Remedy Academy students enrolled in A.B.B.A.© courses (Artisan Bible Based Aromatics©).

While many trained aromatherapists may use certain essential oils with pregnant women within the safety protocols, others choose not to use essential oils at all during pregnancy. This is, especially, the case for essential oils which contain known emmenagogic or abortive properties during all 10 lunar months of pregnancy (40 x 7 shebua/weeks or l0 lunar moonths).  This Biblical time concept of pregnancy is in contrast to the world’s way of denoting pregnancy as nine Gregorian months.

The number 40 is symbolic of transition, change or renewal. In the Torah, it is said to have an inner meaning of making ascent from one level emerging to the next higher level. Certainly, a baby in the womb is ever changing and growing and then emerges into this world at a higher level of interaction with the world. Once born, every life has its trials and ever-changing events until such time it’s appointed to ascend back to its Creator.

The number 7 denotes completeness as related in the seven days of Creation in the book of Genesis (Bereshiyt). Thus, after 40 transitional, ever changing weeks or shebua (cycles of seven), Elohim fearfully and wonderfully completes the process necessary for a baby to be born.

The number 10 is symbolic of unity made of parts or governing authority (dominion). When a baby in the womb is done growing, having all its parts changed and in unity as a whole, it’s time to be born. Once born, he or she begins the process of learning to rule and reign over the earth taking dominion as Elohim commanded in Genesis.


 1.  AVOID using essential oils that . . .
       a. over stimulate the liver
       b. act as an abortifacient (dilates the cervix causing uterine contractions resulting in premature birth)
       c. act as an emmenagogue (stimulates blood flow to pelvic and uterus, i.e. menstruation)
       d. are listed as toxic or semi-toxic if used too much or misused
       e. can cause the body to detox too quickly
       f. are photo-toxic (many are derived from citrus)
       g. are harsh and or an irritant to the nasal membranes and/or skin
       h. are adulterated and defiled

 2.  It’s recommended to NOT use reflexology on a pregnant woman as certain reflex points are capable of triggering labor.  Reflexology may be appropriate when the proper time of labor begins or is imminent.

 3.  Keep in mind that any essential oil that is used too much or misused can be toxic to a body whether pregnant or not.

 4.  These rules, for the most part, also apply to using SHeMeN when nursing and with infants and young children.

 5. Take responsibility for your health and do your homework and research. Consult your health care professional and above all, pray and seek wisdom.

 6.  Always do a patch test by applying 1 drop of the essential oil of safe choice MIXED with 1 – 5 drops of a carrier oil on the inside elbow area. Wait at least 15 minutes and check for skin irritations, a headache, etc.

 7.  Consider allowing your olfactory system to tell you what your body needs (assuming the specific essential oil is ON the Safe List for pregnancy and lactation) since it is directly connected to and sends signals to your brain. Once inhaled, the chemical constituents of an essential oil goes directly into your bloodstream as it crosses the blood brain barrier and resonates with its vital life force energy via the electrical nervous system.

If you, personally, rate the aroma of an essential oil (or blend) to be in the range of 7 – 10 (on a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being the highest/most desired), then the vital life force within you most likely resonates with the chosen SHeMeN.

Remember to adhere to the Safe Essential Oil (SHeMeN) List for pregnancy when using this method.

 8.  When used in SMALL AMOUNTS, the essential oils in the list following are considered to be SAFE ESSENTIAL OILS during PREGNANCY — assuming you don’t have any other health condition(s) to take into consideration such as epilepsy or diabetes that would merit other precautions to be taken:

Cardamom, Coriander, Geranium, Ginger Root, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Lime, Mandarin, Melissa, Neroli, Palmarosa, Petitgrain, Spearmint and Ylang Ylang.

Do NOT use the following essential oils which are considered TOXIC by any method (inhalation, topical or internal):

Angelica Root (Angelica archangelica), Anise Seed (Pimpinella anisum), Anise (star), Araucaria, Arnica (homeopathic may* be safe), Artemisia vestita, Atractylis

Basil (Ociumum basilicum) Bay Leaf (Laurus nobilis), Black Cum , Birch (sweet), Bitter Almond, in (Nigella sativa), Black Seed, Boldo Leaf, Broom, Buchu (Diosphenol CT & Pulegone CT),

Calamint (Lesser), Calamus, Camphor (brown or yellow), Carrot Seed, Cassia (Cinnamomum cassis), Cedarwood (Citrus deodora/thuja), Celery Seed (Apium gravelons), Chervil, Cinnamon Bark (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), Citronella (Cymbopogon winterianus – may increase heart rate), Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea), Clove Bud (Eugenia caryophylata – Leaf or Stem), Costus, Coriander (Coriandrum sativum), Cumin (Cuminum cyminum – phototoxic up to 12 hours after use),
Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens – Blue)

Deertongue, Dill Seed (Anethum graveolens – India)

Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare miller – Bitter – promotes menses), Fennel (Sweet), Feverfew


Hibawood, Ho Leaf (Camphor CT), Horseradish, Hyssop (Pinocamphone CT)

Jaborandi Leaf, Jasmine (Jasminum grandiflorum
stimulates menses so avoid until BIRTH is IMMINENT), Juniper Berry

Lavender (Spanish), Lavender “may” cause agitation in pregnant women.

Marjoram (Origanum marjoran Lanyana, a L.), Melilotus, Mugwort (Common Camphor/Thujone CT, Chrysanthenyl Acetate CT & Great), Mustard, Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha – A, E), Myrtle (Aniseed)

Nargarmotha (Cyperus rotundus – E, induces menses), Nutmeg (Myristica frangrans – can cause convulsions, delirium, heart and epileptic problems)

Oregano, Origanum

Parsley Leaf, Parsleyseed, Pine Pennyroyal, (Dwarf)

Red Mandarin (Citrus nobilis), Rose Geranium (Pelargonium roseum – Bourbon – balances hormones avoid early pregnancy), Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), Rose Otto (Rosa damascena), Rue

Sage (Dalmatian & Spanish), Savory Spe Rue, Sassafras, Savin, Spearmint (Mentha spicata)

Tansy (Blue – Tanacetum anuum), Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus), Thyme (Red, large doses)

Vetiver (Vetiver zizanioides), Vitex/Chaste Berry/Tree (Vitex agnes castus – uterine stimulant)

Western Red Cedar, Wintergreen (Gaultheria fragrantissima), Wormwood (all chemotypes, sea and white)

Yarrow (Blue – Achillea millefolium – green)


Be CAUTIOUS and STORE essential oils AWAY from children and pregnant women.

Avoid potential toxic herbs in herb form and essential oil form to include Pennyroyal, Goldenseal, Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh.

This list is by no means meant to be comprehensive nor exhaustive. Again, do your research, consult a qualified health professional and consider any other health conditions you may need to be careful about.


These EOs may increase toxicity if used REPEATEDLY for a period of time on a regular basis.  Health professional references highly suggest that, if you use any of these essential oils, to do so SPARINGLY:

Cassia, Birch, Cedarwood, *Cinnamon (Leaf and Bark), **Clove Bud (Leaf & Stem), Fennel, Lemon, Thyme, Orange and Eucalyptus.

BEWARE that Cinnamon, Clove, Jasmine, Rosemary, Clary Sage are all essential oils that may cause contractions. Some midwives use Jasmine when BIRTH is IMMINENT to assist contractions.

LARGE amounts of Peppermint (Mentha piperita) SHeMeN should be avoided.

Note: There are differences of opinion as to whether essential oils of Cinnamon, Clove, Lemon and Orange should be avoided altogether vs. allowed to be used sparingly.

11. SECOND and THIRD TRIMESTERS: Some health professionals merit the use of essential oils when used properly in proper dosage AFTER the first trimester (3 months). Essential oils that may be used AFTER the first trimester include the calming ones that assist relaxation and sleep such as Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Lavender.

Following is a list of essential oils considered to be safe to use AFTER the FIRST TRIMESTER. Do NOT ingest essential oils and when using topically be sure to DILUTE with a carrier oil at least 50/50.

SEE Remnant Remedy’s SHeMeN DILUTION CHART Newsletter.

Take extra precautions if they are on the 1st Trimester list. Also, be sure to take into account any precautions needed for photo-toxicity (getting a sun burn easily), epilepsy, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, nasal and skin sensitivities, etc..

Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Ginger Root, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Lime, Mandarin, Neroli, Patchouli, Petitgrain, Rose Otto, Rose Otto, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Sweet Orange, Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), and Ylang Ylang.

12. Is Toxic and Oxymoron? Essential oils are, for the most part, considered to be natural and pure if they have not been adulterated by a supplier. In the most common terminology, they are not considered to be toxic. So, why is it said that certain oils can be toxic, especially during pregnancy? Certainly, listing them as toxic seems to be a contradiction.

Essential oils are, basically, non-toxic. However, if an essential oil is used too much, too often, or with an improper modality (internally, topically, aromatically) then it can be toxic. The misuse of an essential oil can cause the body and its organs to detox too rapidly causing discomfort, illness and possibly death.

SHeMeN (essential oils) are a part of Elohim’s botanical natural medicine cabinet used for restorative agents given to mankind.  Too much or improper use of medicine can be toxic. Juicing and drinking too many  organic vegetable beets can cause harm and/or death.  As too much taken, at one time, could cause the liver to detox too quickly for the body to handle. Too much water in a short amount of time can cause the body’s cells to drown and death may result.  Sadly, this was the case for a healthy mother of 3 children in 2007 during a “Hold Your Wee for a Wii” radio contest.  The contest challenge was to see how much water one could drink without going to the bathroom. She won but she died.

We must pursue Elohim’s knowledge and wisdom along with using common sense when putting anything into our living stones tabernacle (body).

Each person is created differently. Their health, environment, diet, prescribed and nonprescribed drugs, emotions, spirit and their own particular DNA is unique to them and affects which essential oils (or any herb or botanical) are right for them and at any given time. Certain spiritual, emotional, and physical health conditions may or may not resonate and agree with the vibrational frequencies in any given essential oil at any given time.

For example, a person whose blood clots too easily or is ingesting prescribed medication for such should not use Helichrysum italicumIt may be better to consider Cypress for circulation.  However, if one is a bleeder (hemophiliac) then Helichrysum italicum is DEFINITELY indicated as it helps to stop bleeding QUICKLY and aids to repair cell tissue rapidly.  Thus, it is used for cuts, wounds, bruises and burns and has an added benefit of some pain relief properties.  See the article, Alef Care for Wounds, Fungus and MRSA.
Thus, it behooves one to do their own research, seek qualified health professionals and pray for wisdom.  Do not use oils that are not indicated for your condition and strive to be on the safe side.

Do your research, take responsibility for your health and consult your Creator. Pray and ask Elohim for discernment.

Don’t automatically use an essential oil, even if indicated, if it doesn’t resonate with your sense of smell viz. you don’t like its aroma. This is not a comprehensive list or discussion on pregnancy and essential oils; however, it should give you some food for thought and direction.

Consult your health professional. Be sure to check essential oil blend ingredients for their individual essential oil content.

Blessings and Health!

Nitza Moshe
Remnant Remedy

     *Per the principle that we, as temples of the Living Elohim, are not just spiritually, but are also physically “living stones” and children of “light.” 
 The number one way our cells communicate to each other is via the nervous system electrically. 
     Secondly, our cells communicate via messengers called hormones.  Our bodies seem to receive energy the left of our bodies while discharging to the right.  This is why we put EMF Shield Key Chainsin our left pocket if we have a choice.  This is believed to be the case for most people unless their polarity is reversed, usually due to dehydration.  While, I could have anointed or applied the EO blend to reduce my daughter’s blood pressure to BOTH hands and feet, I chose to only use her left ones.  This is not for the same reasons or applications that the CoHeN (priests) did with the anointing oil wherein they applied it to the right ear, right thumb and right big toe for the purpose of cleansing (Exodus 8:23, Leviticus 8:23, 14:14 – 28).
     I was ministering to balance blood pressure and we know “life” is in the blood (Lev. 17:11).  Therefore, I used the heart/chest area and reflexology points; keeping in mind, that the heart is the “servant” center of pumping and distributing the life in the blood.  This is akin to the servant (center) candle of oil in the menorah distributing oil/energy to the other six branches.  The body is like a menorah in that it has seven areas of energy.  While many may call these “chakras,” I see a pattern and call it “Rainbow Covenant Therapy.”  From a scientific, bio-electrical point of view, I would wholeheartedly agree with Dr. Alphonzo V. Monzo III of Well-being by Designas he describes it as the Aleph-Tav Cycles of Life or “Cycles of Life Manifestation.”   Be sure to keep your eyes open for Dr. Monzo’s book release, The Aleph Tav Body System.  See available video teaching.

 **By virtue of a miracle, I was able to take my first tour to Israel in March 2017 with The Creation Gospel group led by teacher/author Dr. Hollisa Alewine.  We had a very kind and helpful Arab bus driver who assisted me by protecting and veering me away from over priced vendors.  He then directed me to a vendor who offered great value and prices. 
       Out of gratitude, I gave him bottles of Prayer Warrior and CoHeN.  He looked at me with a smile and big open eyes and said, “Thank you! You have given me medicine!”
       I was a little taken aback as this is NOT the response one would get here in America.  However, in his culture, he knew and appreciated botanical medicine.

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Disclaimer:  This information and any information on any Remnant Remedy affiliate sites including Pure SHeMeN is based on historical and traditional use, along with scientific research.  It is not meant to diagnose, prescribe or treat any condition.  Authorities recommend one consults their license health care practitioner.

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