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While researching linen, I found myriads of Scriptural reasons and Scientific benefits as to why Flax Linen is so wonderful due to its properties.  Following are just a few: 

~ Bed Sore Resistant:  According to Japanese medical research studies, bed-ridden patients do NOT develop bedsores when linen bed sheets are used.

~ Compatible:  The flax cell is highly compatible with the human cell.  In fact, a microscopic cross sectional view of a flax stem looks much like an eye with an iris and pupil appearance.  Because of its compatibility, the human body can completely dissolve the flax cell making it suitable for the purpose of being used as natural internal sutures during surgery. 

~ Hygroscopic, Permeable:   Linen rapidly absorbs moisture (water, sweat and other body fluids); yet, it also yields moisture rapidly making it highly hygroscopic.  It evaporates quickly while absorbing as much as 20% of its dry weight.   It’s also used in bandage dressings and woven into bandages because of its hygroscopic, air permeability and aseptic properties.  For these same reasons linen sheets, underwear and clothing aid those suffering from yeast infections.

~ Hygienic:  Linen is considered to be hygienic helping to relieve allergies and is used to filter fallout, radiation and gamma rays.

~ Filters:   Homes are known to collect radioactive gas such as radon, especially after the installation of tightly sealing plastic windows.  Radon is believed to form as a result of disintegrating uranium contained in the ground as well from building materials.  Leaving windows open or using linen curtains and linen sheets help reduce the harmful effects of such including chemtrails by catch or filtering with flax linen.  Linen is also used to filter and protect against chemical medium, noise and dust.  This may be beneficial to those with sensitive skin, asthma or respiratory problems.

~ Thermogenic:  Linen is comprised of heat conductivity and high air permeability properties.  Its heat conductivity is 5 times higher than wool’s and 19 times than that of silk.  Linen is COOLER in the SUMMER helping to relieve the skin of excess heat (great for menopausal hot flashes) and WARMS by insulating the body in the Winter.  In hot weather, those dressed in linen are found to have a skin temperature 3°-4°C below that of silk or cotton wearers.  Some studies indicate that persons wearing linen clothing perspire 1 ½ times less than when dressed in cotton clothes and twice as less than when dressed in viscose clothes.  This is because linen conducts electricity taking heat AWAY from the Body.  Meanwhile, in cold weather, linen is able to help retain heat and warmth for the body making it an adaptogen.

~ Support Hormones:  These properties help make a patient feel fresh and cool; yet, helps keep them warmer or cooler as it is an adaptogen to the present temperature needed.  Menopausal women enjoy linen for these same reasons during times of hot flashes.  Remember, ROSE GERANIUM also helps to balance the hormones and may help to control hot flashes.

~ Anti-static:  Probably due to its 5,000 signature frequency and ability to reduce static in the body, Linen is known for helping to reduce fatigue and lift spirits.  This may explain why it remains cleaner for longer periods of time and doesn’t cling to the body. 

Remember, the CoHeN needed anti-static linen as a garment to avoid dying (perhaps being electrocuted) when dealing with the Ark of the Tabernacle which many believe acted as a battery or a transformer!  They also needed to be barefoot on “Holy” Ground and grounded.  Moses was in the powerful PRESENCE of LIGHT and possibly electro-magnetic energy when receiving the Torah.

In Ancient Hebrew, “holy” is QaDoSH (kadosh), represented by a quf/kuf, dalet, shin.  This could literally be denoted as “The door of light or pressed through the door of light or the Light Frequency Shining White.”

~ EMF Friendly:  Some studies indicate that the body may be protected from damaging electromagnetic frequencies especially when near electronic appliances, computers, Wi-Fi, cell phones, etc.  Much research is being done and tools being produced to protect and shield the body’s cells from the disturbance of “bad” frequencies for the body.  In contrast, “good” frequencies may help to repair the resonance state in the body’s cells and may include SHeMeN (essential oils), Dual Laser Light therapy, Linen Sheets, Nightwear, etcLinen Thread, EMF BIO SHIELDS, raw fruits and vegetables, herbs, sound and color therapy, etc. 

The study of DaBaR and AMaR relating to the thoughts and words of Elohim give more insight to energy and the Living Word. See BATTLE FOR THE LIVING STONES.

~ Purity of White:  The studies on the color white and the reflection of light in linen is known to increase the body’s frequency energy adding more life and energy to those wearing and using linen.  In contrast, those wearing or around black lose energy and life.  Remember, WHITE represents and ECHADness or perfect union of all the other colors in the rainbow which is full of frequencies in perfect harmony given for our blessings by YHWH.

~ Promotes Restful Sleep:  Reported by many to promote better rest and sleep.

~ Durability:  Linen is durable.  Unlike some cottons that yellow with time, linen is prone to remain white and softer with each wash. 

~ Hypo-allergenic:   Helps avoid allergies causes by other fibers.

~ Burns:  Burn and sunburn victims and those with problematic or hypersensitive skin or who suffer from dermatological disorders are often prescribed to sleep in or on white linen bedding to help relieve pain and discomfort.

~ Promotes Good Stewardship:  Helps us to be good stewards of YHWH’s creation and promote a balanced environment since flax is a renewable resource and the linen produced from it is fully BIOdegradable.

~ Anti-Viral:  Recent research conducted has confirmed that choosing pure linen sheets and clothing allowing for daily contact with the flax fabric may help to promote and increase the blood levels of immunoglobulin A which, in turn, may protect the mucus membranes of the mouth, respiratory tract and digestive tract from microbes and viruses.  A deficiency of this element may subject internal organs including the liver and heart to be at a higher risk of yielding to disease.  This may explain the popular service offered by leading European Spas of wrapping the body with pure damp linen fabric in a procedure which is considered to be effectual in cleansing the skin of organism slags and leaving the skin revitalized producing a restorative effect on the body.

When considering the properties of linen, ask yourself, “Why did the angels with the plagues wear pure white linen?”

Rev 15:6  And the seven angels came out of the temple, having the seven plagues, clothed in pure and white linen, and having their breasts girded with golden girdles. 

The Bride, the Heavenly Army and the Bridegroom WEAR LINEN!

Rev 19:7  Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready. 

Rev 19:8  And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints. 

Rev 19:14  And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean

~ Odor Resistant:  Pure linen helps to destroy bad odors.  Linen insoles used in the internal surfaces of footwear can help to absorb surpluses of moisture which, in turn, helps to suppress harmful microorganisms, bacteria and fungi which, I allowed to develop, create unpleasant odors.  Using 1 – 2 drops of PURIFY or TEA TREE oil when inserting the linen into the shoes may also help to reduce growth of viruses, staph and fungi.

~ Fertility Support:  Recent studies have demonstrated that female fertility may be significantly increased by sleeping and procreating on pure white linen sheets.  Wearing clothing that allows air permeability for both men and women may help with temperature adaptation and balancing for the body which, in turn, may help support better health and reproduction.

In regards to using linen, one of the most common remarks received by those who wear it is that they feel more energy and “charged” especially when they sleep on linen sheets.  Users report that they sleep and feel better and feel more secure and refreshed from just lying down and being covered by linen.

Many of these properties are probably why YHWH commanded the Cohen (Levite Priests) to wear linen so as to not sweat and become electrocuted while handling the Ark of the Covenant.

 And it shall come to pass, that when they enter in at the gates of the inner court, they shall be clothed with linen garments;

and no wool shall come upon them, whiles they minister in the gates of the inner court, and within.

They shall have linen bonnets upon their heads, and shall have linen breeches upon their loins;

they shall not gird themselves with any thing that causeth SWEAT. 

Ezekiel 44:17 – 18 

~ Health and First Aid:  Additionally, these properties may be why the Cohen/Priests were instructed to use linen, wool or leather to enclose a plague for 7 days and watch for spreading infection.  For this reason, many Believers use SHeMeN (essential oils) and wrap with linen bandages when remedying their health (Leviticus 13). 

*If you have the primary sources to cite for the above information, please send them to us so we can give credit!

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To understand, we first need to understand that we are LITERALLY LIVING STONES and Children of LIGHT.  The Pattern is in the Mishkan Tabernacle.  Linen curtains of red, blue and purple (there’s so much to just this and how it relates to the Lord’s Prayer and being a Royal Priesthood!).  We, the Bride, are the LIVING STONES TABERNACLE to be COVERED in WHITE LINEN!  This LST will be resurrected – raised up to be The Tabernacle indwelled by YHWH as the Light/Torah and Yeshua as the Menorah – Lampstand. 

To begin to understand WHY LINEN?, we need to understand that we ARE literally STONES of LIGHT, viz., Living Stones Tabernacles.  Our mind and heart are the Holy of Holies.  There is a parallel to our bodies being covered in white linen and the linen curtains which separated the entrance to the Holy of Holies in the Mishkan.  

We need to understand that we are literally, physically and spiritually, “Children of Light.”  Uncleanness and sin create darkness (chaos), a loss of flow and continuity of light, viz., static.  If we live righteous, pure, clean lives and put on linen veils (garments) over our temples, then we will have no static, no stoppage of flow of light and energy, spiritually, which can then be manifested physically.   The pattern for our bodies and lives are in the Mishkan.  It was in the Garden, it is now in the present Diaspora, and will be in the time of Redemption and ResTorahtion.

ReBuilding the LivingStones is a radio teaching series to begin establish that we are literally bodies of LIGHT.

Excerpts from Original Remnant Remedy Articles and Radio Presentations by Nitza Moshe (circa 2007 – 2020).