Remembrance – The Purpose HisStory

I pray you have a wonderful Memorial Weekend! As we consider remembering, our Veterans with honor, it behooves us to consider that throughout Scripture, we are commanded to ZaCHaR — Remember.

Note that REMEMBRANCE is NOT a mere suggestion; it’s a command!

We are to REMEMBR – ZaCHaR what YHWH has done,
what He is doing, and what He says He will do!

Remembrance is the purpose of HisStory.

We can look back on the past and see the great works that Elohim has done throughout HisStory and in our individual lives. During these times of worldwide uncertainty, chaos, absurdity, etc., we are in the process of learning to walk in His ways and understand what He is currently doing. As we walk through these trials, our hope and inspiration to endure depends on our trust and ability to rely on YHWH’s promises as to what He told us He will do.

Today, I looked back, in my mind, to remember this past month to ponder and continue to pray for:

One friend in Europe whose husband has been hospitalized since April due to near death from his first “sting.”
Abba Father is doing a major work in this family as a result of this trial.

One relative who had to start using a walking cane after their first (and last) sting. Abba Father is opening this person’s eyes to His truths.

One friend who is in the hospital hanging onto life due to being exposed to those who got the “sting.”
Abba Father is doing a major work in this family, healing relationships family via this trial.

One friend is recovering from caring for those who did and didn’t get the “sting.” Abba Father has been preparing and using this person (in a mighty way for years) to bring health and hope to many and continues to do so — even as an example to know what to do, how to heal, and to overcome physically and spiritually.

One minister who is also in the hospital, hanging on to life. This person has been very vocal about the dangers of the sting.

One friend is almost fully recovered having become ill from exposure to people who got stung.

I lost my brother-in-law suddenly 15 months ago due to a three day old “cold.”

Two days ago, my youngest brother had a heart attack and is in ICU holding on to life.

My almost 88 year old mother is ready to go “home.”

I then recalled, that three years ago (5 months after the solar eclipse and bacteria balloons were released over the NW as to be enhanced by the solar eclipse conditions), my 2nd son and I (while in Montana) got extremely ill and nearly died from the strangest flu (go figure).

My son bled profusely through his nose and I could barely breathe. So much so, I could NOT allow myself to cry or mourn for one of my closest friends who past away while I, also, thought I was dying. It was so difficult to breathe (and it wasn’t because I had a stuffy nose) that I couldn’t talk. I knew if I cried and caused any sinuses to flow, I wouldn’t be able to breathe at all.

Our bones ached, our eyes swelled, our cheeks gurgled (inside our head, we could hear and feel it). It took 2 weeks of laying in one spot, except to make it to the bathroom, before we were strong enough to sit up and drive 12 hrs home— only to get back in bed. It was 12 more weeks before I totally recovered; about 4-5 weeks for my son.

I remember thinking, then, it was not a natural flu. I was hoping I had gained immunity from something that would be coming in the future. I believe the only reason we survived (aside from YHWH’s mercy) was because I had prepared and traveled with, literally, a trunk full of herbs, essential oils, and supplements. I brought the medicine trunk because I was determined to help my grandsons overcome a cold and flu they had been fighting off and on for five months.

The week we became ill (March 2018), over half of the students and teachers in the local school were absent due to the illness. This lasted for several months in NW Montana. Remember this illness started after the bacteria balloon was released during the time of the solar eclipse, September 2017.

I did a radio show prior to the eclipse. I also did a lot of studying on the bacteria that was in the balloon. I wanted to do a radio show on its contents; however, I was just too weak for several months.

2017 Total Solar Eclipse: Is It a Sign of Our Time?

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From my studies regarding the 2017 solar eclipse, I noticed the next solar eclipse, April, 2024 will make a Tav across the United States marking the spot. That spot will occur over an area called “Little Egypt.”

It makes me wonder if that will be the time of the Greater Exodus (out of Greater Egypt). It also causes me to think about the sign of the Son of Man which I believe is the Tav. Yeshua is the Alef Tav (Alpha Omega, First and Last which is, in Hebrew but not translated) in Genesis 1.

Just 9 months ago, I had an ischemic (mini stroke) that lasted nearly four hours. I’m still recovering; however, I feel and function much better. I just have to stay on top of my health and do all I can to keep enough oxygen and blood flowing. Praise Elohim I’ve been able to do this all naturally.

Thus, I ponder, “How much will things change between now and next month or next year?” Who will still be here amongst us and who will cross over the spiritual Jordan?

Surely — we were born for such a time as this!!!
Seventeen years ago, I had a dream, wherein Elohim had empowered me with words of wisdom and knowledge, and the ability to lay hands on people to heal them.

I’m looking for a time, in the near future, wherein the Two Witnesses and the Righteous from the Two Houses of Israel will rise up and be empowered to do the greater works and wonders that Yeshua promised us!

YHWH’s Ruach — Power of Spirit is the only thing that will get us through the End Day Trials of Jacob! His Ruach — Dunamis Power is the ONLY weapon we have — Not by power, nor by might, but by His Spirit!
YHWH’s Ruach Spirit and DaBaR/AMaR Living Word are Echad/One!

In the dream, I remember being in a church and “knowing” and “seeing” that someone had a certain cancer on their back.

I can still see the image of that cancer cell in my mind.

As I reached out to lay my hands on the person’s back to be healed, Dunamis Power caused all the people and chairs around me to be pushed back to about a 7 ft. radius.

The Holy Spirit surrounded me with chairs and people pushed away. After touching the cancer spot and praying for the person to be healed, I turned and was about to reach out to touch another person to be healed. At which point, I felt a tap on the back of my shoulder and a hiss in my ear from an elder of the congregation, telling me that my God was not their God and that I was not welcomed there.

I was upset about the dream because I was at a church in Florida. Let me digress.

Five years prior to this dream, Elohim had supernaturally given me an all night vision for a particular area in the Northwest. It was His Finger of protection and a Word for me and my family. This is a supernatural story in and of itself.

He then (in real life) supernaturally moved us from Florida to Montana/Idaho — to the area of the vision I had been given.

You see, at the time of the healing dream, Florida was my Egypt. We had made an exodus and I didn’t want to return.

Over the years, from other dreams and visions, it was impressed upon me that I would be going back-and-forth from the Northwest (and perhaps the Southwest) to the Southeast, particularly Florida.

In the dream, wherein YHWH anointed me to heal and the power of the Holy Spirit was so great, I noticed that I had gray hair. So, if this dream was to be prophetic and really happen to me, I would be older and gray.

Over the years, I’ve had many “words of knowledge” and prophetic utterances come true; but, I have never experienced the laying of hands to heal — other than through prayer, herbs, and essential oils.

Today, sixteen years later, I sit here with gray hair. Just the past 12 months, I’ve traveled back-and-forth from the Northwest to Florida four times.

We certainly live during unprecedented times, and it surely looks as though the return of our Hope — Messiah is close at hand.

There were many other dreams, visions and words spoken to me by the Ruach. Like Mary (mother of Yeshua), I’ve kept them hidden in my heart. I’ve been waiting and watching for over 32 years for what seems to be what we are embarking upon — the rehearsal or real show time of the End Times and Trials of Jacob!

I am watching, waiting, and praying for what I’ve been shown and for what part I am to play in chapter scene of HisStory!

As I was truly reminded by the stroke I had last year, and as I am truly reminded by loved ones and friends who are suddenly ill or gone, life is fleeting. I may not get to see all that was revealed to me before my passing over.
Like Abraham, he didn’t get to see the completion of what Elohim started with him. Nonetheless, it continues onto this day and will do so until the day of restoration for all things!

Whatever my course, I pray I am faithful and a good steward. I pray whatever Elohim has started in my life will come to fruition — even after I’m no longer on this side of the veil.

I have seen visions of the identity of the Two Witnesses and the return of the Messiah. I pray I get to live and see what he revealed to me in those visions. Sometimes I don’t know if I have what it takes to endure to be able to get to that point. I do pray that I will be strengthened to see it in my day.

If not, I surely will have a good seat from the Heavenly balcony to watch and cheer— giving Glory to Yeshua!

Who will be here, on this side of the veil, by the time 2021 Sukkot comes — by this time next year?

We do not know. So, I encourage you to love more and to spend more time with your family and loved ones. Spend more time reaching out and showing strangers the love of our Messiah!

Part 1: Remembrance – The Purpose of HisStory

More to come about the TRUTH of Captain John Smith and Pocahontas based on primary and secondary documents.


As REMEMBRANCE is not a mere suggestion, rather, a command; so is it to FEAR NOT!

We certainly live in a day of HisStory wherein we need to REMEMBER what YHWH has done for us, and what He has promised He will do. This will help strengthen us to FEAR NOT — even while we may not have clarity on what He is currently doing!

Isa 41:10 Fear thou not; for I am with you: be not dismayed (depart); for I am your Elohim: I will strengthen you; yea, I will help you; yea, I will uphold you with the right hand of My righteousness.

Over 20 years ago, while going through major trials in my life (both figuaratively and literally), Jeremiah 1:17 put to “FEAR NOT” into a challenging perspective for me.

Thou therefore gird up thy loins, and arise, and speak unto them all that I command thee: be not dismayed at their faces, lest I confound thee before them.

Do we want to fear the world, man (peer pressure to conform), and the enemy of our soul or do we want to FEAR YHWH more?!! We are not to fear he who can destroy our body; but, He who can destroy our soul!

Would we rather be dismayed (prostate ourselves to the world) and, as a result, be violently broken down (confounded and terrified) by YHWH in front of our enemies; OR, would we rather prostate ourselves before HIM and FEAR NOT — even unto death?!

Seems to me, either way, we will FEAR one or the other and reap the consequences of the choices. Die now or die later — Choose WHOM you will SERVE — PROSTATE before — and reap the ETERNAL consequences.