Topical Detox for Lymphatics, Liver & Breasts

Check out our new doctor formulated products for topical lymphatic detox and deodorant, breast detox and nourishment, and liver detox! Check back here later for ARTICLE to soon be posted.  Meanwhile, SEE VIDEO instructions.  

Alef Care (First Aid/Gentle Healer) for Wounds, Fungus and MRSA

As a wife and mother, *ALEF CARE (First/Gentle Healer) is probably my personal all-time favorite SHeMeN (essential oil) because of the AMAZING results I have seen with it for my family and friends, especially, for fresh open cuts, wounds, bleeding, bruises and broken bones!  I would seriously consider renaming it NO STITCHES or NO BLEED because I’ve seen 4 incidents where stitches would have been the norm indicated …